scattered or settled?

"To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations: Greetings."

I was meditating on this greeting in James this morning and was thinking about how many friends we have all over the world. I praise God for the relationships and blessings that they have been to us.

When we moved to Michigan 3 years ago we felt like we were the ones who were scattered. We left what was home and friendships that spanned 20 years. Leaving behind memories that were layered on top of eac

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h other and all blurred together. Our lives were filled with the sweetness of working in ministry alongside of God's people for the sake of the kingdom. Our daughters Jeni and Lissa still live in the Inland Empire which continously connects us to what used to be home. We were unsure how this new place, new address, new community would measure up.

It is funny how transition happens..... Before you know it, home is somewhere else.

Home becomes where you create new memories. For me it is now Byron Center Michigan. God has begun to knit our hearts together with others here who love Jesus and want to ReFlect Him in their lives. He has given us memories that are layering on top of other memories. We no longer consider ourselves scattered but rather settled.

How are you feeling? scattered, centered, sent, settled? Praise God for whatever season you find yourself in. Our home is where Jesus is. Abide in him.

Father thank you making your home in me. John 15:4 says that I am to "Abide in you". Show me how to stay connected to you as I encounter the struggles in my life. Lord, when I feel distant from you I crave to hear your loving call "Come to me". Honestly there are days that I don't even know how to begin this coming home process. Show me the way back to your loving and waiting arms. It is here that I long to be.


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  1. Yea! So glad you love BC and so glad I JUST found your blog!


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