Thank you Father

God is a father to the fatherless. Psalm 68:5

I learned so many things from my earthly father. He taught me to be kind to others, to help those in need, to give freely of your time. He was a hard and diligent worker. He always made people feel comfortable and he smiled all the time. These are some valuable things that I learned from him. I did not learn godly things however. He was not a man that followed God. I am not exactly sure why, but he did not teach me about Jesus or how to follow him. This was probably because he does not know Jesus. I will always be thankful that he is in my life and that I have good memories of times with him and I continue to pray that someday he might embrace the God the father. (Abba Avinu) Romans 8:15

Praise God that He knew I needed Godly men in my life to be examples of Fathers who love Jesus. When I became a Christian in High School, the youth pastor, Dan Webster was giving a message about God the father. Even then God knew what I needed and thus began the journey of my life. Through the next couple of years I learned through Dan's leadership what it meant to allow God the father, to love and lead me. Thank you Dan for the impact you had in my life.
In early college, Jon Byron became the next Godly man that God used to shape my image of God the father. Jon and his wife Francie lovingly showed me how a couple who loves the Lord raises a family to love Jesus and how a christian couple can glorify God. They continue to be a Godly examples for me.

Through the years I have had the pleasure of being a part of amazing fellowships where Godly men have stood in the gap to show me Godly fathers. Thank you.

Lastly I want to praise God for my husband Kevin. God has used him mightily in my life to show me the Father's love. He is an example in all of his caring ways towards our girls and continues to bless our lives with his gentle and loving leadership.

God is the father to the fatherless. We might not always have been in Christian families. We might not all have had loving fathers or any father at all. There are some who lost there fathers early or who still mourn their loss. We are not fatherless.

Abba- Thank you for choosing me and for giving me godly men to teach and love me. You are the great provider. You are an amazing daddy. Bless all who hunger and thirst after you that they might be satisfied. Happy Fathers day!

Your daughter,

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