Give Him the Leash

I walked Spunky this morning. It was difficult to say the least. Everywhere we went she took the lead. It wasn't pleasant, fun, or relaxing. In fact it was as enjoyable as a toddler having a temper tantrum

She pulls me and runs ahead of me. When I bring her leash in close she walks next to me, but you can tell she is still wanting to go her own way. If a bunny or squirrel comes along she is right after them. This defiant dog is determined to follow that little critter into whatever path they will take her. Sometimes she hops around on two legs trying to see past the tall weeds. She is obstinate and forceful in her desire to go after them.

It is almost as if, it is her right.

Sometimes I will call her back to myself when she is all worked up and hold her close. This seems to calm her down for the moment. But then she is at it again, pulling and straining to lead the direction and speed of our walk.

Finally when she is tired, she is much more willing to be lead and it is a pleasant experience.

I am so like my dog! I push and pull and strive to go in the direction that I want to go. I follow after things without asking Him the direction that He wants me to go. I accept his loving embrace and am calmed by it only to forget that calmness and once again to begin the striving all over again. When I am tired,weak, and spent, I more readily surrender to His leadership.

I wonder;

where he would lead me if I gave up control?

how many bunny trails I have gone down and wasted precious time as I sought to follow my own ways?

how often I have exerted my right to go in my own direction?

how often God thinks of me as a two year old having a tantrum?

Thankfully, God has given us examples of people who followed their own hearts and dreams instead of waiting on him. Abraham, Moses and David

all experienced their desires to control the direction of their lives.

He still held them in the palm of His hand and patiently waited until they were tired, weak and spent to redirect them.

How about you? What will it take to give Jesus control?

How tired, weak and spent do you need to be to allow Him to lead you into

His Plan,

His Direction,

His will?


Take this leash and give me your yoke. I submit to your will, your way your direction.


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