I feel a sting coming on!

Ouch! What the heck was that? I frantically asked my husband as we were cycling South down the Rockford trail.

The day had started out at Ann St and we were headed to Rockford about 12 miles North. The air was crisp and we both were excited to accomplish this new cycling record for ourselves. Off we went and the trail was nice, smooth and not crowded. Everywhere we looked there were trees and greenery with the river streaming past us in the distance. What a beautiful day! On our way to Rockford we talked about how some of the trees and landscapes reminded us of Big Bear, Ca. It was breathtaking. I almost forgot that I was getting tired.
Before we knew it we were in Rockford and had our lunch sitting at a table by the Rogue River. Soon it was time to head back down the trail that we came up on. I was excited because some of it was downhill! My legs felt a little stiff at first and I wondered when they would warm up. Kevin and I started playing a game of jump frog. One of us would speed up and then the other person would try to catch up and ride in front etc. This was a great way to keep our energy and laughter up.

Then I felt a sting! Ouch! What the heck was that? I frantically asked my husband!

Western honey beeImage via Wikipedia

Somehow, through my tight black cycling shorts a bee had stung me. I really have no idea how or why this happened. I was doing my best to keep up with Kevin and was having fun when out of nowhere this pain began. I felt that sting for the rest of the ride back to our car and well into the night! 

After we got home that afternoon and I had taken my shoes off, I went out to check our mail. On my way back to the house I felt something vaguely familiar, a hot stinging sensation IN MY FOOT! That's right, two bee stings in one day. Do they like sweaty bodies? Honestly. I can't remember the last time that I was stung by a bee.

Whenever things happen more than once, I think, Is God trying to get my attention?

I am not sure, but I did have a thought about these two stinging events.

  • Our words have the power to bless and to curse.
  • Our actions have the power to show mercy or contempt.
  • Our lives have the potential to Glorify God or dishonor Him.
Like the bee sting we have the ability to place a seed in others lives that will stay with them and as God blesses it, it may grow.

What are you leaving in others?
Will it Glorify Jesus?

Thanks for gentle and stinging reminders that it is all about YOU! Teach me how to be a worker that is purposefully looking at the harvest. Show me how and who to love in your name. Oh that I may be a sweet aroma to you.


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