Live and on the big screen

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Live and on the big screen.  There for everyone to see an hear was my face and my voice and what was I thinking?  My hair looks terrible!

For the first time in my life, a message that I was going to give to our women's bible study group was going to be videotaped. I stood there and gave the message to a camera.  One would think that this isn't so hard!  When I speak I like the connection between the audience and myself.  It gives me energy.  There I stood giving the talk to an empty sanctuary.  When it was finished, I was sure that I made a fool out of myself.  Clearly I was out of my element. I was convinced of this. At least I didn't have to watch it. I wouldn't be there in the morning when it was showing.

Tonight I went to the evening study and was prepared to give the message live. When I arrived they asked if we could show the video instead.  So there I stood watching myself LIVE and on the big screen.  How awkward  to see myself, to hear myself!  Once I got over the shock of thinking, "Do I really look like that? Sound like that?" I was able to focus.

I listened to the message that was being given by myself.  It is amazing that no matter who declares the Word of the Lord, it is truth and it is good!  I was taught by myself as I shared from James 3:17. The wisdom from above is ......

It is true God can use anybody to teach us, to inspire us to make us understand His truths. Even if it is Live and on the big screen or even you teaching you.

You have taken me to places that I was too scared to imagine and too afraid to try on my own.  Thank you for using your word to teach me ove and over again.  Continue to make me teachable and useable for your Kingdom and for your Glory.

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  1. I'm in the midst of the same set of circumstances and getting ready to speak to an audience of one...only it's not the audience of One I normally prepare for.

    Thanks for the post. It reminds me that He is perfectly capable of using all we do, even when the camera is our only audience. His Word never returns void.

    Blessings to you and your ministry.


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