My mother!  You gotta love her!  One thing is for sure, you always know what she is thinking because she just tells you.  I am not sure that the filter thing works with her.  It has been a wonderful and startling gift of hers at times in my life.

Recently she gave me a gift.  "What's this?", I asked. "I thought you could use it ", she told me.

It was Wrinkle cream!  Seriously mom, I thought.  I look good, I told myself as I ran to the mirror to check out my face.  When I asked her why she bought this for me, she really thought that I could use some help! 

Now I know I am not as young as I used to be but, I try to take care of myself.  Sure I don't do all of things that Dr. Oz tells us to do all of the time but, I thought I looked pretty good. Obviously I was wrong.

My mother, bluntness and all, was right.  I do have wrinkles!  I may not always appreciate the truth when it first comes to me but, in the end I do appreciate the truth.

Scripture tells us to speak the truth in love.

I wonder if I should tell my mom to not speak so much?  :)

Father, Help me to receive the truth in love and to give it in love. Thanks for my mom and her words of encouragement. 


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