Keep, Give away or Throw away?

Do you have piles of things in your home or office?  I do!  Lots of different ones. 

In the office there are piles of books and book shelves that are unorganized. Scanning the room you will find piles of mail, magazines and coupons on the desk. In the bedroom there are piles of shoes, clothes that are to be given away and piles of things that just didn't make it back to where they belong. 
Unfortunately that's not all of my organizational chaos! Enter into the scary closet and you will be greeted by shoes, purses, sweatshirts and more co-mingling on the floor.  The first step to growth is admitting that you have a problem! I am embarrassed to share with you that I have messes in my home. 
I like to say that my home is lived in, but really it is 50/50! Fifty percent organized and fifty percent chaos!  

Today is organizing day and so I must figure out what I will keep, give away and what has met certain death.  It would be so much easier if the crew from Clean Sweep would show up and just take everything away, clean it and reorganize it!  My house wouldn't be considered unorganized enough to qualify, but I feel uneasy with the piles!

Have you ever felt this way in your relationship with God?  Maybe there are piles of things that you keep adding to, but never look at. 

There are things that I need to keep, give to God and those that just need to die!For example here are some of my piles:

Pile 1
I worry about many things. (who my girls will marry, how people think of me, health) These things I really need to give to God.  He wants to replace that worry with His peace!

Pile 2
Time spent reading the bible and praying.  I must keep these and look at them often in order to grow in my understanding and intimacy with God.

Pile 3- The scary one!
Regrets of mistakes made, hurts from the past and lies about who I am definitely need to thrown into the trash! Cleaning this area may take some time but I believe that it will be worth it!  I want to be the new creation that is promised.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here. 2 Corinthians 5:17
Organizing with God is actually much easier than organizing my piles at home. All He asks is that we come to Him, give Him our stuff and let Him do His work to clean us and rearrange us!
Father thank you that you want my piles! You tell us to come to you when we are tired and burdened. I give you my piles of worries, hurts and even my times with you!  Cleanse and rearrange please!  Jann

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