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Fish tacos are one of my favorite things to eat!  I love them grilled and deep fried!  My belief is that they are filled with fish, which is good for you, full of omega 3 fatty acids! I just don't think about the calories or fat grams when it comes to these marvelous creations! I first tasted fish tacos in California and then had the great pleasure of biting into their crunchy goodness while visiting Ensenada Mexico.

Fish tacos consist of these ingredients;

  • White fish, battered and deep fried, or marinated and grilled
  • Corn tortillas
  • Shredded cabbage
  • Sour cream or crema
  • Salsa
  • Lime wedges
  • Mayonnaise if desired
When I have made fish tacos the process is; dip the fish into an egg batter and then place it into the dry flour mixture to coat, next you deep fry to golden brown.  Assemble your taco with your chosen ingredients and have a party in your mouth! Yummo!

Recently we visited with our friends Juanita and Alejandro in their home.  Juanita had invited us for lunch and fish tacos were on her menu! Yippee! 

I wanted to watch and learn from Juanita's expertise so I watched as Juanita prepared her fish. 

Lesson #1-She dipped the fish into a combination of an egg and flour mixture and then deep fried them.  "Juanita, why do you do only one step?", I asked her. "Es mas facil" translation, It's so much easier, she said.  

Lesson #2-Later she squeezed lime juice into the cabbage that was shredded. Again I ask her why, I had never seen anyone do that before. "The lime kills off any little bugs and flavors the cabbage" she informed me.  

Lesson #3- Sitting at the table I learned my third lesson about fish tacos. There is a sequence to how you construct them. Normally, I would have placed the fish into the tortilla and then added whatever I liked, but watching Alejandro I learned that there was a definite order to how one was constructed. 
  1. Start with a warm corn tortilla
  2. Spread a little mayonnaise
  3. Place some cabbage on top
  4. Lay the fish on the bed of cabbage
  5. drizzle with salsa
  6. Spoon on some sour cream or crema
  7. Squeeze lime to complete your creation
  8. Perfecto
I learned three things from watching and Learning with Juanita and Alejandro,
  • Things don't always have to be so complicated. Easier can be better
  • Adding something new can bring flavor and health into your life
  • There is an order of things in life that may need to be followed to achieve the desired result.

Every day God is teaching us new things! I want to watch and learn so that I can know Him better.  

This is what the LORD says--your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: "I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.Isaiah 48:17

Father help me to watch and learn from you today! I am excited to know more about you as you reveal yourself to me. Jann

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  1. Jann!!! los tacos de pescado son deliciosos, pero incomparables con tu bella amistad, tu y tu esposo son un regalo!!! de Dios a nuestras vidas!!! les amamos!!
    atte. alex y juanita


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