Can somebody help me?

Zip lining through a beautiful rain forest in Guatemala was a wonderful experience. With every trip, my eyes were overwhelmed by the waterfalls, Lake Atitlan and the vast green mountainside. I loved it and was sad when I went on the last course. I wanted more!

At the bottom there was something else for us to do. It looked like a serious of swings that you needed to step on, one at a time, to get to the end. There was a pile that everyone had thrown their gloves on before starting, so I also threw mine on top. I giggled to myself as I watched people wobble their way across."I can do better than that", I proudly declared to myself.

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

As I fell off the swing I received an excruciating rope burn on my left hand. As I sat there I asked, "Can somebody help me?" Nobody came. Lots of people gave me suggestions, but nobody could do it for me. Each time I tried to pull myself up the rope burn flared up, like a hot coal on my hand. "You can do it", I whimpered.  
At this point my whole team was watching and I felt the pressure of not being the "old lady" who fell and couldn't get up! 
I heard my husband's voice directing me and encouraging me.  As long as I listened to his voice I was comforted, directed and eventually victorious. When I got to the end of the course I went directly to the bathroom, placed my burning fingers under the water and yes, I began to cry!  

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

Here are the lessons that I learned from this experience;
  • Don't judge others.
  • Things are more difficult than they may appear.
  • If you fall, there is only one voice that you should listen to.
  • His voice will lead and guide you if you will follow His directions.
  • There are consequences to falling, and it may cause you pain.

Father, help me to hear your voice and yours alone!  Thank you for leading and guiding me. Jann

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