Can you Handle the Truth?

"I’m not gonna look!, I’m not gonna even step on that scale!  I know that I have gained weight, why do I want to feel judged? I am just going to avoid it until I am ready!"
Ever been here?

My husband has been out of town, and with no one at home, my eating and sleeping schedule has been less than normal. Usually, I have meals at the same time and my sleeping patterns are consistent. Not this week!
  • I went to bed later, got up later!
  • Ate a bowl of ice cream for dinner or just had tortilla chips!
  • Snacked on peanut butter m&m’s, pretzels and a variety of other not so good for you morsels.

In the midst of all of this I saw the scale.  Most of the time I hop on to check my weight, make sure that things are on the right track and adjust my eating as necessary.  You might say that I have an honest relationship with it.

Not this week! The scale represented the truth! I did NOT want to know how things were! I did not want to see that I had gained 5 pounds!  Each time I walked by I would mumble, Don’t look at me that way!”

Recently I read an article on “Could You Live Without Looking at Yourself? One Woman Swears Off Mirrors for a Year.”  Engeln-Maddox. an engaged woman was not going to look at herself in the mirror until her wedding day!  She was trying to see if it would improve her self confidence and improve her self esteem.  It will be interesting to see how this turns out!
Avoiding the mirror and the scale seem like the same thing to me. They both avoid the truth.
Sometimes we avoid things;

To make us feel better
Because we are afraid of the truth
Because it causes pain
Because we know that they will force us to change
Because it is easier

This morning, I got on the scale. “Time to face reality, I said as I waited for the scale to shout the ugly truth!”  I stood there shocked and amazed. I got off and then I got right back on! How could this be?

The weight, that I was so afraid of knowing, was less than when I had last weighed myself!

The truth will set you free! He will free you from;

Poor Self image
The unknown

Whatever you have been avoiding, know that the Truth takes away the power of the lie!

Don’t be enslaved by the lie! You can be set free!

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Father, thank you for sending  the truth to us! Thank you for the freedom that comes from knowing and being known by Jesus! Thank you for encouraging me to get on the scale, face the fear and be set free!

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  1. Ahh how afraid we are of the truth! Yet it is the very thing that does in fact set us free.


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