How will you receive it?

Trash, trash and more trash! Mounds of it sorted into different types to be recycled. Muddy ground that many people have trudged through and corrugated tin roof houses lining the pathways that make up “the Dump”.  

This community is unique in that it has order to it. The houses are numbered and people often can be seen sweeping the dirt to remove the human waste into the gutters.

Getting out of the van and entering this dump world was overwhelming for me. My eyes could barely take in the sights when my nose was overtaken by the smell of rotting trash.

Children immediately sense your presence and eagerly greet you.  It’s amazing how quickly a child can put an anxious heart to ease. Walking down the muddy corridors, holding the dirty hand of a giggling, smiling, child changed my nervous, questioning heart into one that was filled with great anticipation of what was to come.

 The people who live here are poor, really poor. If they have a job they may make about $150.00 a month. Each of the homes has a type of outer door that works as security for their property and then once inside the courtyard, the homes have a door covered with fabric. Generally the inside is made up of one room. Tenants at the dump have electricity, beds, TV’s, small, table top burners or small stoves but do not have;  indoor plumbing,bathroom, oven,windows or insulation.

Often the dust from the dirt covered walkways blows into their homes blanketing their belongings and making it difficult to breathe. Sickness and disease is rampant and many do not receive medical attention.

In the midst of these hardships we encountered people that loved their families and worked hard to make the best of what they had. 

Armed with quilts that were made by women and children from our church we ventured out to share these as a representations of God’s love. “Buenos Tardes” we each say as we enter their humble home and sit on their bed. We make introductions, kiss the women on the cheek, offer them a quilt and them ask if we can pray for them.

Interestingly, there were several reactions to the gifts that were offered. Here are the ways in which they received the gifts;

  •   Some were overwhelmed.
  •   Some wanted a different one.
  •   Some wanted us to share the gifts with their friends.
  •  Some cried and praised God.
Often we also fit into one of these categories! God has given us so much, His gifts to us are never ending.  

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  James 1:17

How we receive what He has offered to us has an impact on us.

  • We can respond by being overwhelmed with joy at His mercy and love.
  • We can be disappointed,  because we wanted something else.
  • We can question why we were given the gift.
  •  We can share it with friends.
  •  We can praise God for what He has provided for us.
How will you receive what God has for you?

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