This is the right thing to do, You should pass it!

Last night President Obama said, "This is the right thing to do, you should pass it!!" this was repeated over and over again. Whether or not you agree with what he was passionately proclaiming, something in us begins to listen when something is repeated.

I have been hearing the same thing over and over since I returned from Guatemala this summer. Gently, quietly, sometimes loudly, the Spirit has reminded me that what I have, possessions, talents, relationships, ministry and money are not my own! They belong to the Lord and I am a steward of them. Sometimes not a good one.

This week I had a face to face meeting with this reminder. There is something about the beginning of school and purchasing new fall clothes! I love it! Trying on new combinations of outfits, the feel of the soft, rich fabrics and admiring how all of them look on me is well, addicting.

After selecting the clothes and trying them on at one of my favorite stores, Anne Taylor's Loft, I stood in line to pay for them. While waiting, "IT" happened. That still small voice that can shake me to my core. "You don"t need those, you want those". 

Continuing to stand there and wanting the cashier to go faster so I could outrun the Spirit, I began to look at the prices of my new potentially beautiful possessions. 59.00 dollars for a shirt. "Families in Guatemala work all day to make less than the cost of this item!" My hands began to shake and my heart grew sad. I already knew in that second conversation that these lovely, soft, fall fashion statements would be staying at the"loft".

 Like a rabbit running for it"s life, I put down the garments and darted out the door. "Well done!" I heard in my heart. Clothing is good and necessary. I still love the quality and design of the "loft"s" clothing. 

The purpose of this lesson is to remember that if want to Reflect God"s glory then we must pay attention when He is leading us. When the still small voice is re-directing us.

When was the last time you heard God tell you something over and over?

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