Faith lesson #1

My husband has a tough time giving things up. He must own a million tee-shirts.  okay maybe 50. How many does one person need?  Truth be told, I have issues here as well. Ask me to give up a "Brighton" necklace and it may cause me to shed a tear or two. Ask me to leave friends and family and that is even harder  to do. 

What do you cling to? 

What possession means a lot to you?  

Could you just lay it down and give it up?
What or who would be difficult for you to part with?

I love that God has given us examples in the bible of others who had to struggle with everyday issues as well.

God called on Abraham to make some great sacrifices: his country and family, Lot, Ishmael, and Isaac. 

With each sacrifice it became an increasing challenge because each one was deep relationship to him personally.

Lot was the son of a brother; Ishmael was the son of his wife’s handmaid; Isaac is the son of promise by his own wife.  With each test that he struggled through he received greater blessings from God.  

He encountered the greatest test of his life.

test of Faith. 

It was not so much a test to produce faith as it was a test to reveal faith.

God built Abraham slowly, piece by piece, year by year, into a man of faith.
   Take now your son, your only son Isaac: Offer him there as a burnt offering: 

This test was especially hard because it seemed to contradict the previous promise of God.

Hadn’t God promised in Isaac your seed shall be called? Genesis 21:12

If Isaac hadn’t had children to pass the promise on to yet, how could Abraham kill him? Wouldn’t he be killing the very promise God made to him?

Abraham needed to make a decision on this day. Would he let go of that which was precious to him to trust God? Did he have enough faith to obey?

We know the end of the story. 

What about you?

Do you have enough faith to listen and obey when God calls you into a difficult situation?

Are you willing to let go of things that are precious to you to receive the new thing that He wants to give you?

Father, we want to trust you, we say that we do, but in those instances when you call us, we are afraid to let go.  Help us to walk in faith and obedience to your call. 

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