Grace Abounds

Almost a year ago as I was driving past a mobile home park, I heard the Lord say to me, "go there". I kept on driving,  I knew what He was asking and frankly I pretended that I did not hear. 

The next time I went by, I heard Him again say, "Go in there". I kept on driving but this time I replied with, "I don't have any more time"! 
Months later, I drove by this mobile home park and i began to wonder, "what does the Lord have for me here"? I still kept on driving.

This month, the Lord reminded me that He had a plan for me to carry out. All I could do was throw up my hands and say yes! What happened as soon as I said yes is a remarkable yet oh so gracious way that God works.

As soon as I said yes to God, several other women joined me in this journey of exploration.  We had been studying Acts and had seen the way that God had told Paul to Get up, Go, and then he would be told his assignment. After meeting and praying we went to look at the mobile home park and explore. 
What we found was grace, after grace, after grace!

Grace #1
Upon arriving at the community center of the park we discovered that the address was 7777! 
We were excited to see God's number welcoming us! We stopped and prayed at the door. 

Grace #2
We called the office number that was listed and discovered that the owners of the park were Christians and that one of them attended our church and the other was in a small group with one of our friends!

Grace #3
We spent a day passing out flyer's for a harvest festival.  Our small team went door to door inviting people. Some invited us in. One family told us that they were hoping for someone to offer something for Halloween.

Grace #4
Many people donated candy, costumes, prizes and food for the event.

Grace #5
On the day of the event, I drove around the park nervously looking for children to invite.  I was having cold feet and was having difficulty trusting that God would give us abounding grace. We stopped at a house, knocked on the door and inside were 2 of my students! They were visiting their Grandma!

Grace #6
At 1:00 there was a line at the door of young and old eager to participate in our festival! His grace was abounding in numbers and in wonderful conversations!

Grace #7
People kept asking us why we were there? They wondered if we lived in the park. They were curious to why we would love on them this way. We simply answered, "God brought us here".

Thank you Lord for speaking, even when I pretend to be hard of hearing. Your grace flows down! I am so excited to find out what the next assignment is going to be!

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  1. Wow! Amazing! When the Lord prompts me to do something and I don't I always think the opportunity is over. Thank you for letting God use you to show me its not. :)


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