Jello fruit slices

What in the world are these colorful oranges? Jello slices!

Our small group gathered together for a fun night of sharing. 
On the table sat these amazing looking jello slices. 
I kept thinking, "how did she do it? How did she get the jello in them?"

Later I found out that she had scooped out half of the orange and then poured in the jello. They are fun and delicious! You can read more about how to make these here.

I had an experience similar to these Jello fruit slices. 
In order for God to change me into what He wanted me to be, He also had to scoop out my old self and then He poured His Spirit into me! 

All I know is that now I have been flavored with his Spirit and that he continually refills me. Who says being a Christian is boring?

Father, thank you for recreating me! Thank you for filling me with your Spirit!


  1. What a cute, creative idea for a snack!

  2. LOVED this. I've never seen those before and am going to try them. Plus, I need some scooping out myself. I'm glad I found this blog!


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