Storms of life

Taken by Doug Myers

Storms they are a coming!  How will you hold up under them?

We all worry about things.

Sometimes out of Nowhere a storm can erupt!
Jesus and the disciples were on the Sea of Galilee when a storm came out of No where! The disciples were afraid and Jesus, well he was napping.  

He was not worrying!
He was not having a fit!
He didn't get grumpy and ask the disciples why this was happening!
He just sat there.

I think He knew something that we forget.

God has everything under control!
He trusted His father to handle this situation.

Friday I was having a a bit of a storm! 
We were leaving for a marriage retreat 
and let's just say I got my panties in a bunch! 

These things drove me crazy and slightly grumpy!
Our time of departure was delayed! So all the way to this beautiful resort I harbored anger in my heart! Later that evening my expectations of something being done in the way that I wanted had not been met! this storm took me over the edge! 
I began acting just like the disciples! 
 Not trusting, not believing, just looking at the storm! 

I was shouting,  "Lord, save us! We're going to drown!" like the disciples did in Matthew 8

God is faithful! I survived! The storm that seemed to be looming was just a few waves that eventually subsided.

Father, I am sorry for looking at the waves and not at you! You are always faithful, always loving and always provide. Your love overwhelms me! 

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