Reflecting on Pizza

A simple lesson of making pizza in our first grade classrooms taught me an enormous lesson! Working together can be fun, frightening, faith renewing and filling.

Fun- watching 50 first graders roll pizza while they sing roll, roll, roll your dough almost made me fall over giggling!

Frightening- This was the maiden voyage of this lesson, I was nervous that it would even be successful! Helping these students spread the sauce without spilling it all over the carpet kept me on my toes. 

Faith Renewing- Watching all four groups of students and teachers be fully engaged in learning was why I became a teacher! My nervous thoughts were dissipated, the Pizzas turned out fabulous! Why had I ever been nervous?

Filling- Eating the Pizza was great, watching the students enjoy their educational experience and enjoying their work of art filled me up! Simple joy in the moment.

What I learned

God gives us experiences to help us grow and to understand Him better. These can be fun, frightening, faith renewing and filling. Sometimes this means that we must stop long enough to Reflect on what has happened.  A process that I often overlook.

Since my youth, O God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.Psalm 71:17

Take some time to Reflect over your week and answer these questions.

  • Where did I see God at work?
  • What caused fear or unbelief?
  • How did this cause my faith to grow?
  • I praise God for ______ because it taught me _________.

I would love to hear from you and how these questions have helped you Reflect!



  1. 50 first graders and a carpet? Wow, that is brave AND crazy! Wonderful thoughts and post. Will need to get back to you after I further reflect...I really like your questions and everything about this post. I also now want pizza at 10:55 PM! ;)

    1. Fortunately I had other teachers in the room! Please come back and tell me what you think about these questions!

  2. Great post here Jann! I love you observations of fun, frightening, faith renewing and filling! I've always loved "Experiencing God" and the notion that we "watch where God is working and join Him there". Even in the everyday moments - God can teach us something wonderful. Be blessed!

    1. Experiencing God changed me forever!

  3. There are so many ways we can learn, and we can learn so much from children. Thank you for sharing your learning experience. God is good.


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