It was a warm, Late August afternoon in sunny California. The year was 1974 and I was in the 7th grade.  This time period is very vivid for me. Maybe it is because of where we went that day, or because of the excitement of being a 7th grader, I remember it well!

On this day my mother said the most exciting news, "We are going to Zody’s!”  This made my heart skip a beat! My mind began to race as I started categorizing my shopping list. After all, school was starting in a few weeks and I was in Junior High.  Zody’s was the local, economical, department store. The precursor to Target or Walmart.

We walked into the store and there before my eyes was the most beautiful sweater that I had ever seen!  A brown and orange striped sweater beckoned me to it. I knew instantly that this was on the must have list! After trying it on and lovingly admiring myself in the mirror, I showed it to my mom.
“This is kinda expensive, how about this one instead?”, my heart sank as she made the suggestion that my perfect sweater might not be going home with me! Could she not see the incredible value and beauty of it? This purchase meant that I would be cool, pretty, skinny and popular if I could just get it out of the store and wear it to school! 

Seeing the devastated look on my face, my mother made a final proposal that I look around the store and if I really wanted the sweater, I would have to reduce my amount of back to school clothing. Ouch! This was going to be difficult, but the longer the sweater was hanging on my arm, and close to me I knew that it had to be mine!

Honestly, I have no idea what else was bought that day! All I know is that the sweater and I went home together and we had some great times in 1974!

Have you ever longed for that perfect purchase? The one that would make all of your dreams come true?

Perhaps for you it is:

Unfortunately these things don’t satisfy for long. We can end up wishing we never spent that money or craving for even more!

The most import transaction that we can make in our lives actually requires no money, but all that we have!

The good news is that this transaction is more precious than silver and more costly than Gold. Psalm 119:72 

It will not tarnish, it is renewed every morning! Lamentations 3:23

It is God’s Grace! Romans 3:23-26

Do you know it? Have you received it?
This grace is better than any purchase, any transaction and is guaranteed for eternity!

Thank you Father, that your grace is better than any purchase! Thank you that you give it freely to everyone who calls on your name and declares Jesus Christ as Lord. I am humbled by your love for us! 


  1. Just tagged you in a post! Love this post.. So true.. Grace is better than any purchase!


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