He is such a Mole!

The snow melted this week and little dirt mounds have appeared everywhere. Moles! I had never noticed them in the snow, but they have been there, under the surface all along.  

As these pests burrow lawns,they create molehills, which results in dying lawns and plant damage 5:8. The reason that they burrow is to find food.  Earthworms are their favorite.  Mole tunnels are a type of worm trap. When the mole senses that a worm has fallen into it's path, a quick dash begins to run and capture it's prey. Here is a cool fact. If they are not hungry at the moment, moles can paralyze their prey for a snack later on!

Satan, is like a mole!
  • He burrows beneath the surface, trying to desperately undermine our foundation.
  • At any moment he will poke up his nasty little head
  • If we are to stumble and fall he is quickly there to snatch us up, trying to devour us.
  • If he can't get us at the very moment we have fallen, he will try to paralyze us in fear, and remind us later on that we have fallen!
We are warned about the schemes of the devil. 

God tells us that Satan is our enemy
  • the devil/Satan means the slanderer, our adversary and our accuser.   Job 1:6-12, Rev. 12: 9-10
  • He is called a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. I Peter 5:8
What can we do when we feel like a trapped earthworm?
  • Prepare for the battle. Ephesians 6 
  • Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  James 4:7 
  • Then draw near to God-The closer you are to God the harder it will be for Satan to entrap you!  James 4:8
  • How to resist him "stand firm in the faith I Peter 5:9 

Ultimately we must remember that God has complete 

power, not Satan!

Father, whatever it is that is threatening us, entrapping us, undermining our foundation we ask that you would conquer! Strengthen us through your word. Open our eyes to see the weaknesses in our faith and the power to overcome! Jann

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