Tuskegee Airmen-Red Tails

Red Tails tells the story of the Tuskegee airman during World War II.These pilots had fought discrimination at home so that they could get into the air to protect the United States. This true story of the continued hardships that African Americans had to face astounds me. How could people ever have been so nearsighted and cruel to fellow human beings? 

From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you to these men who fought for us.

Tuskegee facts

  • The all-Black, 332nd Fighter Group consisted originally of four fighter squadrons, the 99th, the 100th, the 301st and the 302nd.
  • From 1941-1946, some 1,000 Black pilots were trained at Tuskegee.
  • The Airmen's success in escorting bombers during World War II – having one of the lowest loss records of all the escort fighter groups, and being in constant demand for their services by the allied bomber units.- is a record unmatched by any other fighter group.
  • The 332nd Fighter group was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for its' longest bomber escort mission to Berlin, Germany on March 24, 1945. During this mission, the Tuskegee Airmen (then known as the 'Red Tails') destroyed three German ME-262 jet fighters and damaged five additional jet fighters.
  • The 332nd Fighter Group had also distinguished itself in June 1944 when two of its pilots flying P-47 Thunderbolts discovered a German destroyer in the harbor of Trieste, Italy.
  • The tenacious bomber escort cover provided by the 332nd "Red Tail" fighters often discouraged enemy fighter pilots from attacking bombers escorted by the 332nd Fighter Group. Tuskegee airmen facts
Within the movie there was a funny moment for me. One of the pilots had a picture of Jesus that he would pray to before a flight. The funny part was that he called it "Black Jesus". I don't have a problem with whatever color Jesus was, most likely he was not blonde, blue eyed, white Jesus. I don't pray to Jewish Jesus, or Middle Eastern Jesus. Or to reminisce Talladega nights, "baby Jesus in the manger".

I do pray to; 
The Son of God, 
My Redeemer, 

It does not matter to me what color of skin he had because that was only His earthly body. Surely in heaven there is neither black or white or any other skin tone. Only eternity to worship the King.



  1. Hi Jan
    Thanks for bringing this post to all our attentions. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in ourselves and what we are doing that we fail to recognise the ones who were before us, those who paved the way so that we can live in peace and safety in this world. Some of us only exist due to the bravery of such men. Great post. Fact and knowledge.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. However, as a black woman that grew up as a child in the 60's seeing nearly every black household I entered with a picture of white Jesus and every church I attended with a white Jesus, I have found that when white people say they really dont care what color jesus is, truth is they do care. You are not begin truthful with yourself. You may not be saying white jesus, but I bet you have never picture jesus begin any color but white when saying your prays. Personally, I do not believe God is a man to be black or white, however if white people can see him as white, black people should be able to see him as black without being critizes.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts. You are so right that I can't even begin to understand how it felt for you. When I was young I knew about Jesus and yes in my mind He was white. As I grew in my faith and began to travel to other countries to share His love with others Jesus in my mind changed colors. I honestly see Him now in more of a middle eastern look. I never meant to criticize how people view Him, rather I would love for more people to think of Him and His great love for us!


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