Arise Shine

I awoke this morning to the sun rising behind the hills and then
 this glorious sight was in front of me. 

My eyes could barely take it in. 
The brilliance, the warmth, the beauty
Isn't just like God? 

In the midst of what feels like the darkest time in our lives, He rises,
 shines His glory and overwhelms us with His;


Live in this truth today- "the glory of the Lord rises upon you". Isaiah 60:1

Father, thank you for the sunrise this morning. Thank you that every day we
 have the blessing to experience your holy presence.  



  1. I will claim this truth today: that just as the sun rises, so His glory will rise upon me.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Jann! God's work always astounds! God is so good that He causes the sun to shine on in our lives reminding us of who He is and who we are in Him! He has blessed us with this truth every day of our lives! :)


Thank you for visiting, Praying that you are blessed today. Jann

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