Little ears are you listening?

It was story time in kindergarten, the children were seated and the teacher had begun reading. Surrounded by squirming 5 year olds I was amused by the actions of a little boy.

His body was an endless motion of wiggling, pulling at his clothes, putting his face in his hands, turning around to look at me and occasionally looking at the teacher as she read a story. Then he began to play with his ears. At first I couldn't figure out what was so interesting abouht his ears that he was so taken by them.

Pop, pop! "Did that really happen", I thought. The little guy had bent his ears and was sitting and waiting as each of his ears popped back into shape. It was quite amusing! He did this while pretending to be listening to the story that was being read. Pretty sure he had no idea what the story was about.

How often am I like this little boy?

My father, God, has many things to share with me, but often I am distracted by all types of things. Oh it migt not be my ears, but it could be anything on this list:

To do list
Etc, etc, etc

As I am writing this, a note pops up that tells me to read my bible. God is speaking to us all the time.

Jesus tells us that "His sheep hear His voice".

Today when you hear His voice, listen.
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