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Our family is eating more and more organic foods.  I am attracted to this because the food is grown without pesticides, herbicides, and other dangerous chemicals. A recent study in ‘The journal of applied nutrition’ found that organic produce had twice the nutritional value of conventional produce, and the level of trace minerals and micro nutrients was found to be much higher in organic produce.  In addition, I personally think that Organic tastes better! 

When we eat foods that have less chemicals our bodies have the opportunities to use many more nutrients.  This chart shows the disparity of eating organic VS chemically produced foods.

The iron content in the spinach and tomatoes that were grown organically versus the conventional method is unbelievable! Why would I ever eat non-organic tomatoes or spinach again? It can be difficult to eat this way and more expensive, but ultimately I think it is worth it.

This got me thinking about my life as a Christian.  

  • What are the things that Pollute or defile my faith?

Scripture tells us that is is not the things that we eat. Matthew 15:11
  • We are defiled by what we do. Psalm 106:39
  • We are defiled when we worship things and not God. Jeremiah 32:34
If I know that these things are not healthy for my Christian life then why would I ever do them? It can be difficult to always be thinking if this is the best thing to do or if this would bring God honor, but ultimately It is worth it! 

Maybe it's time that we get back to an "organic" type of faith!


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  1. I'd love to eat more organic food but unfortunately there isn't much available in my area. I love your metaphor about an organic faith--so true! That really hit home with me.


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