Feet Washing

Jesus in John 13:1-17 does something that no one but servants would do. He washed the disciples feet. Taking the form of a servant, lovingly, carefully, washing away the dirt, mud and dusty remnants from their feet. Imagine their faces, as they watched his every move. What must it felt like to have your savior be so intimate and gentle with you? 

I have been at Camp Geneva all week as a chaplain and last night had the great honor to first observe the counselors lovingly washing the feet of their campers and then pray one on one with each student. What a beautiful example of how we are to love one another!

Later, I myself was asked to sit and be blessed with my own feet being washed and then prayed for. It is one thing to observe others being blessed in this way and another thing entirely to partake of it yourself.

I felt
not worthy

Yet Jesus tells us in John, that we must first allow him to serve us and then we are called to serve others in this very way. I know I have some serving to do!

I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. John 13:15
Who can you serve in Jesus name today?


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