Out my window

This is the view out of my window. It beckons me to rest, relax and breathe in the beauty. I can hear the good shepherd say, "Come to me, all of you who are tired and burdened and I will give you rest". My summer has been full of visiting family, traveling to Colombia, vacationing, chaplaining at camp, and unpacking a new classroom. Right now I am so happy to be home, looking out of this window. Rest!

Do you fit into the category of needing rest? 

Jesus says that there is one way to find rest and that is to "come to Him" . Often I will try and find rest by sleeping in, indulging in a HGTV marathon of House Hunters or by scanning the Internet. When the one thing that is better, the one thing that will give me true rest is sitting with the Master. Luke 10:38-42

Why then do we continue striving to check things off of our list instead of stopping and enjoying the view? 

Today, why not enjoy the view and rest in the arms of Jesus. Rest.


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