Dog Treats

When I leave our house, I typically give the dog a treat. We play this little game of me throwing it, her running to it, waiting for me to approach and then grabbing it and running away.  Today was no different with one exception. After our little game, I walked into the kitchen, filled my cup with coffee and noticed from the corner of my eye that Spunky had another treat. "How in the world did that happen? Did she have one from yesterday?" 5 minutes later, returning to the living room, she had another treat! 

In a flash, I had a thought, not a good one! I ran into the laundry room and right there in front of me was the explanation! The plastic container had tipped over, slowly releasing the doggie treats! Spunky had eaten her weekly allowance in one morning! 
One can not blame the dog, the gifts were plentiful and she was just enjoying them! What kind of dog would she be if she did not eat those treats?
I wonder how many of us are not receiving all of the gifts that are plentiful and available to us? Jesus offers us these amazing gifts.

Forgiveness- He is the only one who can do this. John 1:9
Eternal Life - I John 5:11-12
A changed heart- This changes our emotions, attitudes and values. II Cor. 5:17)
Peace- Luke 2:13,14, Philippians 4:7
Love- John 3:16

These gifts keep coming, one after another to all who put their trust in Him. I love that it is His birthday and yet He is giving the gifts!


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