Sometimes I have a weird combination of dreams. There have been times that I have dreamed that people from school are in my house and I am in my pajamas, other times my dreams are filled with students. Last night was no different! In my dream a little first grade girl was fiddling with a piece of white paper that was on her desk. As I looked closer there were many small ripped pieces of yellow paper on top of the white paper. "Please stop playing with that and finish your work", I directed her in my firm teacher voice. Unimpressed with me or my directions she continued to be distracted by her papers. Like many teachers would do, I walked over, picked up her papers and placed them out of her reach. She wasn't happy with me, but she did complete the work that had been assigned to her. Then the dream was over.
This morning waiting for me on the counter in the bathroom was a strange sight. A Kleenex box with a spiral notebook and several green Kleenex's on top. Normally the Kleenex box and the notebook are next to my bed. Instantly I was aware that my dream had some sleep walking attached to it. Ever wonder what you really do when you are sleeping?
What I learned
God will speak to us in our dreams.

In the last days,' God says, 'I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.Acts 2:17 NLV

What does He want us to learn?
In Genesis 40 &41 Joseph was able to interpret dreams, but we have to think about what meaning if any our dreams have. Identifying the source of a dream is very important. 

If the dream is from God, we need to find out what He is saying and what He would like us to doIf we don't know if it is from God, we still can bring it before Him and ask Him how to process it. Dreams can be used by God to produce change in us. For example, if the dream produces some fear in us, we could invite Him into those areas of our lives and give Him the control there. Only then can He work to change and transform us.

In this dream I believe He wants me to stop being distracted by things that are not a part of His plan for me. This is going to require some work. I'll let you know what I come up with. There was also a warning for me, He will remove the things that are distracting me if I do not listen to Him. 

All of that from a silly little dream. Thanks God!


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