Spiders don't normally scare me. From a distance I know that they are there and if necessary I can squish most of them without even thinking about it. This week as I sat in my favorite chair I felt that slight tickle on my arm that sent a warning signal to my brain. I jumped up and brushed off the hairy black thing. The spider went running for it's life into the deep crevice of the chair.  The next morning after the coffee cup was filled, I sought out a safe place to sit in the living room. Remembering the spider, I opted to sit on the couch. 

I love quietly sitting in the morning with a hot cup of coffee.  It is so peaceful. In a moment all of this changed! As I reached for a tissue and brought it to my nose I was completely freaked out by what I saw!  That spider had returned and this time it was on a tissue right in front of my nose! Arms flailed, a scream was heard all over the neighborhood and now coffee was now all over the table, couch and carpet. Usually I would have turned my attention to the spilled coffee but that darn spider was trying to make an escape. In an instant my fear turned into rage and that spider was no more!

What I learned

The spider did not have a healthy fear of me and maybe it should have! 
We are often like this spider in regards to how we view God. 

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding Psalm 111:10

Many times we go about our day with little or no thought who God really is. 

He is
May your day be filled with a healthy fear of the Lord!

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