30 years and 30 to go!

weddingThirty years ago, I married my best friend. We celebrate these years of mission trips, daughters, ministry, the Angels and love. Lots and lots of love. We have spent hours together in church vans, leading students in small groups, watching our daughters play soccer, cheering on our Angels, praying, worshipping, and laughing. Today I celebrate the fact that we have always done it together. God created us to be a team, to be better together than apart and I agree with that statement!
I have learned  many things in these 30 years. Here are a list of my top 10
  1. Kevin can be right, I don't always have to be!
  2. Listening is always a good idea, except when I first wake up!
  3. Coffee with my husband makes me happy.
  4. Holding hands puts a smile on my face. :)
  5. It's ok to say I need your help.
  6. Secrets are not healthy for us.
  7. If you want things in the recycle can, I can put them there!
  8. The dishwasher can be loaded in many ways.
  9. Your kisses melt my heart!
  10. God knew that I needed you in my life.
I am never satisfied with what has been, so honey here is to 30 more. It's an opportunity to serve God better, to do more, experience more and love more. Imagine the mission trips when we are 80! 


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