Look at all the Lovely people

Sunny, a slight breeze, amazing lake front view and miles of bike trails before us, what a perfect day for a bike ride!

The trail runs alongside of Lake Michigan in Chicago and is enjoyed by locals visitors alike! As we treked along the lake I was struck by the vast array of people we saw. 

Big ones little ones, out of shape ones, well endoed ones, pants sagging, bratops showing, shirtless, and so on!
People rode bikes, jogged, ran faster than we were going on our bikes, rollerbladed, strolled slowly, walked their dogs and one guy rode a skateboard with a long stick that he used to help propel him along! 

What I Learned

When I go on a long bike ride, my mind is free to think and process. On this day as all of the 
people paraded by us I began to think about how creative God is. Tall, short, blonde, brown, black,red, curly, straight, muscular, thin, round, square, men and women he made them all. Wow, look at all the lovely people! They all are lovely because He made them! Do they know that He numbered the hairs on their head, that He calls them by name?

Do you know that He calls you His beloved, that He made you with a purpose? 

This maybe difficult for you to believe, but it is so true! The creator of the universe put you together, piece by piece.


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