Paleo Bacon Wrapped Dates

Otherwise known as meat candy, this tasty appetizer is pleasing to Paleo and non Paleo friends!

I followed the recipe that The healthy Housewife shared except that I omitted the cashews.  As a tester I made one with cashews inside the date and one without. The result Simple is better! Really and truly these are delicious! Mouth watering bacon and the sweetness of the date, perfect! I made them an hour before my guests arrived and then just heated them up.  There wasn't one leftover!

Recipe can be found here

First lightly cook the bacon- This helps to make it crispier later and it will roll around the date nicely. Then cut the bacon in half before your roll it.

After rolling the date in bacon secure it with a toothpick and place it on parchment paper.
The directions said to bake for 10 minutes, but I cooked then for about 14 minutes. I like them crispy!

This is a keeper!
What I learned

Sometimes you have to try things for yourself to make a decision. Just because someone else has recommended something or told you that this or that is the best may not be true for you.  There is only one authority that I will always believe, always trust in always put my hope.  God's word and His love


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