The perfect match

While on summer break, when my husband was out of town, I wanted to surprise him by re-doing our home office. All I needed to do was paint over a large mural. After picking out the perfect brick red paint I started the process of preparing the walls. Carefully I taped the baseboards, corners and ceiling. Once the area was prepared, the painting began. It took several coats to cover the mural but when it was finished, I loved the result, until I took the tape off. 

Slowly the tape was peeled back and the truth was revealed.
The red paint had bled through onto the creme colored walls. "No problem", I told myself since there was extra creme paint downstairs in the basement. after locating the paint that the previous owners had left for us, I pried open the can. Imagine the fun I had as I gazed into the now solidified chunk of creme paint that filled the can! 

I had the can with the paint color on it, so surely the local hardware store could color match it. Off I went to find my perfect paint color. As the attendant handed me the paint it appeared to be the one, the perfect match. "That wasn't too hard", I thought. 

Excited to get this project completed I went to town touching up the corners and was so surprised by the match of the paint. Soon I was filling holes and painting over them. Satisfied with the progress I left the room to let it dry.

Entering the room this is what I saw. The paint was not the perfect match as I had thought! After another trip to the store and another mis-match, I combined the first paint with the second and it almost matched the existing walls. 

The final result made me happy!

What I learned

I can so often try to replicate what only Jesus can do in my life.  I try to satisfy myself with success, clothes, experiences and food.  When, oh when, will I learn that only He is the way? I keep trying to make the perfect match, but there is none like Him, none able to save, none able to fill my heart with gladness.  There is only one Jesus!


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