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This time of year people start making lists of what they want to do, make or be in the new year. Often this includes, diet, exercise, saving money, paying off debts, vacations, taking a class, finishing long overdue projects and more. My mind has immediately jumped into the planning mode of how I can exercise more, complete a whole 30 eating plan, clean my house, organize my classroom, plan lessons, launch a new women’s program and more! Plan, plan, plan! I am tired and it hasn’t even started.
Yesterday I heard a sermon about what God had planned for you in 2015. What an interesting perspective. Instead of thinking, “What do I want to accomplish this year”, Change it to “What does God want me to do this year”?

Throughout scripture men and women have asked God for His counsel regarding the future, why should we be any different?
For I know the plans I have for you declares The Lord. Jeremeiah 28:11
God is very clear that He has plans and thoughts about our lives. It seems fitting that we should tap into His plans before we go jumping ahead on our own. The Israelites tried that and it didn’t turn out so well for them.
What if God has some incredible plan for you and I this year and He is waiting for us to ask Him so that He can show us His way?
He may be calling us into a new season of
If we do not ask we may never know! I don’t want to miss whatever He has for me. Let’s seek The Lord together and see what He reveals.
God almighty, we praise you for you sovereign hand, your guidance and your love. Help us to wait on you as you lead and direct us. Show us where you want us, maximize our gifts and our efforts to serve you. We are waiting, anticipating all that you have for us. Change our perspective to be yours.


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