Prepare me for whatever is next

We began this year with the word prepare and through the journey these devotions have looked at preparing our
Something along the way has changed my focus.
Normally, I would say I am one who thinks about, "What would Jesus do" and, "Is this what God wants for me?" quite often. But, I'm not always aware of how He is preparing me for what's next. This can create some nervous hearts and anxious thoughts. Being the control freak that I am I have difficulty letting Go and allowing God to completely lead, especially when I do not know what is next!
What if in the midst of situations we could have an understanding that God is preparing our
hearts to be affected
words to say what is necessary
 hands to work hard
hands receive what he has for us
hearts to worship.
Sometimes before my husband and I go on a to trip I do some preparation. I think about what we need to pack, what items of clothing we need, and if I need snacks.  For sure, I need my Starbucks via in case the coffee isn't any good! Yes, I'm a coffee snob. Then there is the question regarding shoes. This is a difficult decision for me because as I am thinking through boots, flip-flops, workout shoes, heels, and flats I am also wondering, "will I be comfortable, am I going to be doing a lot of walking, how will these look and will I really workout?"
Fortunately when we go visit our daughters, I just take their stuff ! I don't have to prepare too much because I know that they will have things on hand for me.
This journey of being prepared is a lifelong process. 
Spiritually, it begins with understanding God's very nature and then asking Him, "What do you require of me?"
Join us
Daily, If we want to be prepared, let us consider what our response to the Lord 's direction is. Do we gladly receive what His word directs us to do? Are we PREPARED to offer back to God our hearts, mouth, hands, thoughts and our very lives?
As I came to the end of this study, I realized that I am not done with preparing, my preparation has only just begun.
Where will God begin to prepare me next? Check back soon to see how the Lord will begin preparing me in other areas.

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