Prepare my eyes to see suffering

Day 24
Prepare my eyes to see the hurting.

No matter where I have gone in the world there are people suffering, hurting, in need.
Desperate, struggling for the most basic of needs- shelter, water, food, clothing and medicine. While others are hurting because they have been shunned by society simply because of their skin color or class system or gender.

Some are hurting because they've made choices in their life and the consequences of those choices have become too much to bear. Nevertheless, all of these people are seen by God, loved by God and cherished by God.
He has a plan and a purpose for them, so please God prepare my eyes to see the hurting. Not just so that I may see them, but that I might act on God's behalf.

1538853_10152425296315649_3195309100754444431_n One girl stole my heart. As we were walking up the side of a hill   that was not paved, My eyes took in the completely dusty, dirty  trash littered area. It was pretty desolate and bleak .We saw many types of people; young and old, male and female, healthy and sick. They were all hurting one way or another. Each of them had a story and as we looked at them there was a common thread- pain, hurt, and need.
Just as I was at my breaking point because my heart was so full of emotion for these children of God who were in desperate need of love. God gave me a gift.

A girl that I had worked with just the day before came running out to greet me from her very modest home. We had a connection from the day prior as I had the privilege of loving her in Jesus name by washing her hands and feet, washing her hair and combing out the nits. We connected in the power of Jesus love, it bound us together.She came to greet me and shower me with a hug and a gift. I was so humbled because her eyes saw me as someone in need.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Who needs to be seen by you today? How can you reach out in Jesus name to them?

Oh Jesus the one who sees us and our need, you beckon us to come to yourself when we are tired and hungry and needing rest. Give us eyes to see those who need that as well. Give us words of comfort to share with them. Guide us in our decision to love them and touch them in your name. We ask that you would remove any scales from our eyes that we might see them clearly


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