Prepare my eyes to see your children

Day 22

Every day we encounter all types of people; young and old, healthy and sick, men and women, children and adults, Christian and non Christian, happy and sad. The question I am contemplating is do we really see them the way Jesus does?

Prepare my eyes to see people the way He does!

To do this we must consider the ways in which Jesus interacted with others.

Blind man-Gently touching and healing his eyes
Lame-He heals the man even on a Sunday
Woman caught in adultery-Lovingly, tells her that he does not condemn her.
Children-He asks the children come to Him
Centurian-Validated his faith and healed his servant
Rich young ruler-Challenged him to give all he had
Peter-Forgave him and restored their relationship

In all of these situations we see Him looking at the people and responding in ways that met peoples needs.

This week I had an encounter with a first grader that was very difficult.  I have to say I did not see him in the way Jesus does.  I saw him as a burden, a problem, unlovely and quite frankly a big ole headache! I am going to try and readjust my eyes and see him the way Jesus does.
in need of love
in need of guidance

Just writing those words changes my view and attitude.

Who can you look at differently today? How would Jesus see them? 

Lord prepare our eyes to have your vision of others. Help us to understand how to love them the way that you do.


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