The IF Movement

It was amazing being part of a movement. That’s what I call the IF: Gathering. A movement of warriors. The question is what are we fighting for? It’s quite simple, it’s the same thing that the passion movement is fighting for that God’s renowned would be made known throughout all the world.
It’s the good news of Jesus, that we’ve been set free from our past and that we are free to move forward to step out in faith in to the plan that has been laid out before us.
It is letting go of what his dead because God is not the God of what has been but he is the God of I AM! (Christine Caine)
God is not the God-2
So much occurred during the IF:Gathering in our hearts and minds. Yet, people keep asking, “What is the IF:Gathering?” It is believing God and then walking in that belief.
It is as if a seed of faith was planted into thousands of hearts during the conference. That’s what happens when the Holy Spirit reveals to you his plan and puts a seed inside of your heart. You can hardly stand waiting until it begins to take root and starts to sprout.
Look and see and be utterly amazed at what I will do 
Behold I am doing a new thing now it springs forth do you not perceive it?
I have prepared you for this, I am preparing you for this, I have prepared a place for you. 
Those words are precious to me!
A few months ago God gave me the word prepare he’s been preparing me for the IF:Gathering and preparing me for this year. He continues to prepare my heart and my mind to look forward and to let go of the past so that I can focus on
preparing others
what he has prepared for me.
There so much more to come I can barely wrap my head around it but don’t worry I’ll let you in all along the way.
What new thing does God want to do in you today? What seed has He planted in you?


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