Admitting I don"t have it all together

I confess, I don’t have it all together! For those of you who think that I can do everything and never get upset or come unprepared haven’t really been around me that much. I think we all have this outward persona that makes us want others to think of us in a certain way. For example I’m a teacher and I want people to think that I have thought out every lesson, and am ready to go, never being at at a loss for what to do next. 
It’s the same when I talk about my home.  I like to share about things that I cook. Some people think I cook all the time. Honestly, sometimes I serve my husband chips and hummus for dinner!
Spiritually  this can be true as well. I often show an outward appearance that says, “Yep had my devotions, yes I’ve been praying and I spent time with Jesus. Pretty much,  I have it all together.” 
And then reality hits.
Newsflash, newsflash I don’t have it all together!
Hopefully you’ll still be my friend when you realize that I don’t have all my stuff together. 
 I’d love to be a spiritual giant who studies all day like Beth Moore. Someone who prays without ceasing, never doubts and has faith abundant however, that is not the reality.
I’m human and I make mistakes. I’m not prepared, sometimes I am rude, I get befuddled and sometimes I even have doubts.
I think it’s wise to be real with each other and to share our burdens. This helps us recognize that each of us are human and then gives us the opportunity to lavish grace upon our brothers and sisters.
This is why Jesus shared about judging each other. He urges us to examine ourselves before we look at someone else and to take out that humongous issue in our life (the log) before we say, “oh dear you have a speck in your eye.”
I am preaching to myself here today. I need to extend grace because of knowing who I am and how short I fall.
I stand here grateful that Jesus loves me, messiness and all. He embraces my failures and He sees me as his beloved.
Admitting that I don’t have it together helps me to see how very much I need Jesus, the one who brings order out of the chaos. It also brings an understanding that we are all struggling. There is a sweet unity in knowing that we are in this together.
Father, thank you for holding all things together and loving our frailties. Help me to continue sharing honestly with others knowing your Amazing grace.



  1. Hi! Friend,

    I read your post about Grace. It made me think about how abundant God's Grace is.

    Last Wednesday we had a church service that talked about Judas and how he may have been given a bad rap as the traitor. Yes, he did kiss Jesus and turn him over to the Roman solders. No doubt that is a fact in history as noted in the Bible.

    However, when looking at what was going on in history and that many people thought Jesus was going to overthrow the Roman empire, Judas may have thought he was hurrying up the process. What I had not understood about the culture of the day is that when palm branches were raised on Palm Sunday this was a custom before a group would do before they would next raise up arms to try to overthrow a government/king.

    The disciples, including Judas, still were not getting what was Jesus purpose to be on earth. Once Judas realized his mistake he tried to return the silver because he realized the earthly King he had hoped for was not happening. He could not forgive himself so he killed himself.

    Then the pastor asked us if we believed that Jesus descended into hell? I thought yes, we pray that in the Apostle's creed. The pastor said, what if Jesus was descending into hell to give GRACE to Judas. To forgive him for the one wrong decision he made.

    I thought it makes sense.....I hope so because I hope that the loving God we believe in continues to forgive us each time we make a mistake and Judas too for the misinformed decision he made.

    I love you friend in all your imperfections ..... hope you love me in all of my imperfections?

    1. I so love all of your imperfections! I am extremely grateful today that God loves us warts and all! :)


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