A friend of mine has a dairy farm and along with the hundreds of cows that they have, their lives are filled with four adorable children.  Their youngest daughter is a sweet redheaded little girl. This amazing child enjoys getting up early to milk the cows with her daddy. When I say early I’m talking about 3:45 AM!
Recently she went out to milk the cows with her dad and found herself tired, needing some rest. She put on her dads flannel shirt, crawled into a large round bin of towels in the barn, curled up and fell asleep.
This is such a perfect picture to me of what it means to rest in the Lord.
We cover up ourselves with his love and his grace. We try to get as close to Him as we can.  We are so much like this little girl wearing her father’s flannel.
Wouldn’t it be nice to curl up and get comfortable, letting all our pretenses go, where there is no fear of what we look like, just pure abandonment at His feet?
What we find there is blissful. Contentment is found because we know we are home, loved, embraced and we are safe. “Come to me He whispers”.
How long has it been since
You’ve been there?
You’ve curled up and rested in the presence of the king?
You have felt accepted, loved, forgiven, chosen and adored?
Rest, rest and rest


The word rest in Greek is anapauo
Anapauo means
to rest
to calm
to refresh
Anapauo has the root word pauo in it. Pauo is where we get the word pause. So in essence the word rest in Matthew 11 means to pause, to stop, cease.  Jesus is asking us to come to Him and stop, pause, rest!
I need to crawl up and lay at His feet today! How about you?


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