Can you do that by yourself?

Yesterday I bought a new mirror from IKEA. It is lovely and long. I really like the way that it looks. I found the perfect location for it and in my mind it will enhance the look of my living room. The necessary tools were assembled, hammer, screws, plastic screw holders (not sure what they are called) but they are blue, screwdriver and a tape measure. As I unwrapped this beautiful new mirror I caught a glance of myself and thought, you need a shower. I measured the holes on the back of the mirror and then plotted my screw holes.
"This was working out wonderfully. I am going to be able to accomplish this all
by myself".
The holes were set, the screws were inserted and all that was left was to place the 30lb mirror onto the screws and I could enjoy the fruit of this wall hanging victory. As I lifted the mirror I realized that 30lbs felt more like 50lbs and getting the little holes onto the screws wasn't as easy as I had originally anticipated. "Got it!" I proclaimed out loud to myself. Then I stood back to enjoy this moment.

Hmhh! Not exactly what I had envisioned. I need to move it up about 5 inches so that it doesn't cover the electrical socket. The entire process was done over, but this time I realized that the screws were not going to hold the mirror securely. So I went to Google and looked up how to hang a heavy mirror? Apparently, I need some toggle screws. So after all of my trying to do things by myself, it might be better to attempt it with someone else.

Have you been here? Trying to go things on your own? Is there something that you have been trying to carry or fix by yourself? Do you need to Google God and ask for his direction?

God in His wisdom has given us His word, His Holy Spirit and the body of Christ to fellowship with and to be stronger with. I needed a reminder of this today.
I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13


It seems that everyday you are gently reminding me that I can only trust in you. I will always need you and your strength to make it through. Thank you for giving me everything that is neccessary to walk with you. I praise you also for creating the body of Christ to uplift and to encourage me. Caould you also show me how to use these toggle screws?


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