Spunky the fisherdog?

Our dog Spunky loves the water. Today she tried her hand (paw) at fishing. As she stood in the water she noticed little creatures swimming all around her. Fish! Little cream colored fish swimming in the lake darting between her legs and staring at her. Her face intent on catching one of these fascinating creatures and so she did what you and I do in the water, reach out and touch them. Her paw was raised out and she just appeared to want to feel them or grab them with her paw. Now you and I know that she doesn't have a hand, but she doesn't, because time and time again she repeated the same motion. Eyes fixed, resolution set and paw extended. SPLASH! Fish went scampering. The next thing I see is Spunky with her face in the water. Paw didn't work, maybe She can catch them with her teeth! Nope that didn't work either, just a mouth full of water and moss. She goes back to the paws. Priceless watching her. I felt like a grandparent watching their grandchild play in the water.

I wonder how many times you and I are like this? We try something it doesn't work but we just keep at it. For example, I do many things on my own power and I know that it would be so much better if I asked God first, but I just keep doing it. Like Spunky, I keep thinking somehow my way is going to work over God's way.

A dog is not going to have hands to grab something, no matter
how much they try, just like we are not going to do better without including the creator of the universe.

I wonder how many times it will take me to learn this?


Thank you for teaching me through the simple act of watching my dog. It is a good reminder that I am in need of giving in to the Savior. I invite you in. Please be pleased to abide with me as I learn to abide in you.


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