For I know the plans I have for you!

Our first day of flying to Kenya began in Grand Rapids then Chicago and our last leg started in Brussels. We eagerly sat in our seats for this trip. We knew what was waiting for us in Kenya and we were so excited for all the God had planned. I fell asleep almost right away and awoke to a very pleasant voice on the speaker first in Dutch then French and finally English that told the passengers that there was a slight technical problem and that the plain would be delayed 35 minutes. “Okay”, I thought to myself and then quickly drifted back to sleep. An hour later I heard grumbles and moans coming throughout the plane as the same pleasant voice announced that there was an additional problem that would require another 20 minutes. Much later we were told that same pleasant voice told us that “all was well” and we would be leaving in ten minutes. Almost as quickly as that announcement came was the pilot expressing his condolences because the flight was going to be cancelled. I heard the Spirit whisper, “I know the plans I have for you. Trust me”.

This was an unexpected blessing in disguise. A week ago our itinerary changed for the Kenya trip. Everything was pushed back one day. We did not know it then but God was planning a special treat for us.

After disembarking from the plain we were given beautiful hotel accommodations and food. This meant that the team would have comfortable beds and showers.

We were in the beautiful historic city of Brussels and now had time to explore. The city had amazing buildings, shops, cathedrals and people from all over the world. Breathtaking! This would never have been possible if the plain had not been delayed.

God’s plans are always better than our own. As we start this adventure to Kenya may I listen to the gentle whipers of the Spirit and follow His lead.

Father,, thank you for giving us new plans and for leading us.

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