Really Lord now?

Kenya trip day #2

What a beautiful morning it was a we walked across the street to the airport. After a great nights sleep the flight was eagerly awaited. We greeted the other passengers that we had spent 3 hours with on the tarmack yesterday. The new plain awaited us and we all took the same seats as the day before. Even the crew was the same. There was an air of excitement as we heard the engines turn on.

Early this morning I read the team devotional. The part that really struck me asked you to decide what you would give up for the sake of reaching others for Christ. I made my list and thought of Kenya. Little did I know God had plans this morning for this very area of my life.

I sat next to Florian, a lovely woman from Burundi. Yesterday we exchanged polite conversations and frustration over the plane delay. Today it was like meeting an old friend. In the middle of talking with her that same pleasant voice came on the speaker. My heart sank. "Really again! How can this be"? Another technical problem.

I heard the Spirit whisper to me, “make the most out of every opportunity”,
Your mission trip started long before arriving in Kenya. I looked at Florian and knew that I needed to have a conversation with her about God. She was open and honest about her on again off again attendance at church. I could tell that she did not have a personal relationship with Jesus and so I talked about mine. It was a joy to have this discussion with her. 40 minutes later the same pleasant voice came on and said that there was no oxygen in the cargo hold and that there was a dog in there. The plane would be delayed as they moved the dog out.
This time the Spirit asked me what I was willing to give up to reach people for Jesus? My time I sheepishly responded.
Just then the woman in front of me began to talk with me about her fear of flying and not waning to continue this flight. I was able to share with her about the many people praying for this flight and that when you have God there is nothing to worry about. I was so blessed with these two converstions. I could have missed them if I would have kept focusing on the delay.

God’s timing is perfect and he has a plan. I am trying to trust his plan and to know that He is able to accomplish whatever He wants.

Now the rest of the story.

About an hour before we were to land I felt the nudge of the spirit to ask Florian how I could pray for her.  This opened up a whole new conversation.  In the end I was able to give her a bible, share with her about God's plan of salvation and exchange email.  I felt inexpressable joy as Florian read the bible verses to me.  "Now I know how to read the bible for myself" she exclaimed.  "This is a great gift you have given me.

Pray for me and the team as we share with more people and make the most out of every opportunity.

Father, I am humbled at the thought of someone coming to know you because of a conversation that we have had.  Can I have more please?

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