Guest Blog-Expect More, Pay Less

I sat down to write thinking once again I knew exactly what to say. I thought I had it all packaged nicely in my head. Then the day hit! And by the evening I was dealing with a momma melt down. The momma melting down was me!

See I was going to remind everyone that we can’t and shouldn’t have all these expectations of God and yet forget there’s a part we play in all of this. But the one who needed the reminding was actually me.

As new doors have been opened to me, so also has more responsibility. More will be required of me. This isn’t a complaint by any stretch! I’m living out something that is very dear to my heart. But am I living an Expect More, Pay Less life?

So often we ask God for more and there’s nothing wrong with that but we should take care to not forget the price in that.
We ask God for deeper understanding of His word. But are we willing to pay the price of studying His word?

We ask God to mature use in our giftings. But are we willing to pay the price practicing?

We ask God to grow our ministries. But are we willing to pay the price of learning how to manage that?

We ask God to speak to us. But are we willing to pay the price of waiting...quietly...listening?

We ask God to send us! But are we willing to pay the price of stepping out of our comfort zone? Sometimes way out of it?

We ask God to use us. But are we willing to pay the price of trusting Him in no matter how big or small we see the task?

I asked God for more and He gave it to me. The evening of momma meltdown was a a reminder for me that with the more He’s trusted me with also comes a price. The price of more time with Him to fill me up, strengthen me and guide me. As He has given me more... I need Him more.

While the Expect More, Pay Less works for me just fine in a department store economy it does not fair well in God’s economy.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “be careful what you ask for” or “count the cost”. I’ve quoted those countless times, but sitting here pondering those words it almost feels like a discouragement from seeking God for more. His desire is to bless us!! So don’t shy away from asking! But don’t confuse department store economy with His.

He is willing! Are you?

Written by Brenda Renderos
Preacher’s kid, wife of 17 years to Gerson, and mom to 3 pretty amazing kids. But first and fore-most I’m a woman experiencing God’s grace deeper every day and learning more about myself and my God. 
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