It's the simple things

Horse and buggies, bearded men, women wearing bonnets, Yoder's and peanut butter creme.  

Where am I? Shipshewana, Indiana population 658. This small community is known for the Amish people who live there, the good food and shopping. 

My mom and I went to play in the small, quaint town of Shipshewana today. 
First stop, Yoder's meat and cheese.  They have all types of yummy cheese and they encourage you to sample them!  

I love the little signs that say 1 sample per person.  I was so tempted to take more than one of the Jalapeno cheddar! Okay, I might have taken 3 or 4.  :)

Next stop, the Blue Gate for lunch. 

As the waitress brings a loaf of warm bread to the table I can barely focus on what she is saying. All I can think about is the jar of peanut butter cream.  As soon as she walked away, I opened the jar and slathered this heavenly creation on the bread. I am embarrassed to say that I don't think I even chewed it! While eating the next piece, I took my time and actually tasted it's gooey goodness. 

It's the little things, the simple things that bring a smile to my face.

To complete our time we take a buggy ride around the town. "Clip clop, clip clop", there is something lovely and comforting about a horse and carriage. Our guide had lots of information about the historical sights in the city, but I enjoyed listening to him direct the "Molly" the horse. "C'mon Molly", he gently said to her as if they were good friends.
This too brought a smile to my face.

How many simple things have we been given each day and have overlooked?

 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hand Psalm 19:1

He woke you up this morning
He gave you oxygen to breathe
He made blood circulate through your body
He made your heart pump

Look for things to be grateful for and thank Him.  It is in the simple things that we experience His joy and contentment.

Father, Thank you for cheese, taste buds, little signs, peanut butter cream, the sound of a horses hoves, the gentle leading of the driver. Thank you for a day of simple things that reminded me that there is beauty in the simple.  Jann

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