The best and worst day!

I am a teacher of English language learners and one day a week I provide language instruction at the preschool. Today was the best and worst day all wrapped up in one!

In the morning I worked with a student who is not very communicative.  By the end our our time together he had accomplished some communication skills that we had been working on. "I love my job" I declared out loud! 

Later in the day I was working with a group of students identifying colors and shapes when all of a sudden one of the 4yr old little girls told me that she did NOT want to do this anymore.

As directly as I could, I explained that she needed to stay with the group and finish the task that we were working on. With all of her strength and power she began to scream! I think that she meant it to be frightening to me or at least a declaration of her dislike for what I had told her.

Then, when I had ignored her shriek, she tried to get up from the table and go and do what she wanted. Immediately I redirected her to her seat and explained that when she was finished with the group work she would be free to go and do what she wanted to do. 

The sequence of screaming, standing up, and being redirected to sit down was repeated over and over again. The rest of the group sat at the table working and watching as this little girl tried her hardest to get her way. 

Finally when her tantrums had been ignored and the rest of the children at the table were now doing what she wanted to do, she said one word. "Pink!"  Praising her I said, "Thank you, great job! You may now go and paint."

I realized later that I give God these type of days over and over again. I can be like the student who made growth in one area and then later in the same day I can be the screaming girl who throws a tantrum when I do not get my own way!

Going back through my blogs I realized that I have spoken before about having tantrums. In 2009 I wrote Give God the Leash. Obviously this is still an ongoing issue for me. 

Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name. psalm 86:11

Father, sometimes I forget that I am still such a child! Someday I hope to be a grownup Christian.  Thank you for bearing with my tantrums and cheering me on when I make growth.  Use these lessons to make me a better teacher. Teach Lord to walk in your way, and not to demand my own!

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