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All Saints, (believers) are in need of repair. 
This picture reminded me of that simple statement.

Restore us, O God; 
make your face shine on us, 
that we may be saved.
Psalm 80:3

God has began a new work in us, to make us into what he wants us to be. 
This requires a bit of sewing. 

When repairing a garment there are a few things that it may require;

Some fabric may need to be cut off Matthew 5:30 
Seams might be ripped out Colossians 2:11 
A patch may be applied. Psalm 103:12 

I constantly struggle with those things that have attached themselves to me.

Bad attitudes
Sarcastic remarks
Selfish actions and desires

What can save me from myself? 

Only the Master Tailor! 
Only Jesus can restore me, recreate me, refashion me. 

Father, I come before you knowing that I have things that must be remade in order to serve you. Even though I know it is necessary, I confess I am afraid of the pain that it may take to under go this process. Trusting you.

1 comment:

  1. Visiting from FTLOB and I have so many thoughts!

    1) I adore your blog layout!
    2) I love your message and the fact that you focus on reflecting God's love in your writing.
    3) I love your phrase "Master Tailor." I've never heard that before, but so appropriate as God is constantly picking up the scraps I give Him of myself to create something beautiful.

    Can't wait to continue following your faith journey :)


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