Crossing the Bridge

There is a bridge that connects a bike route over a river to another route in the Kent trails.  For obvious reason it is one of my favorite places to bike. 

Every time we get to the bridge I make up some reason to stop. Honestly I just love to look down the path across the bridge to the other side.  It takes my breath away! As if something or someone is standing there beckoning me to get on the bridge, to come across, to pass through, to make it over! 

Jesus used the path as an example of walking with Him. He talked about the narrow Gate and about the way.

In Matthew 7: 13 - 23 We read about the narrow path.

The great thing is that We don't have to know any directions except to get on the road and let Jesus direct us through the curves and roadways.

There is only one perfect bridge that can close the gap between God and man. His name is Jesus! 

Father, thank you for using this bridge to remind me that you call us by name to enter into a relationship with you.  Graciously you have given your son Jesus to be that bridge.  Where once we had no hope, now we have hope because of His merciful gift of reconciliation.  Thank you! 

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  1. Thanks for this post, Jann.

    In church this morning, Pastor spoke about those who are lost in church--not physically but spiritually. Many believe--even in the church--that their good can get them to heaven. I was one of those people.

    Jesus is the only way. He is the only path. And only He can get us to the Father.



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