Elevator or Stairs?

When faced with the stairs or the elevator which one do you take?
I have to admit I usually take the elevator. It just is easier. 

The Geneva stair study in 2008 asked participants to take only the stairs for 12 weeks. The results are what would be expected, increased health and lower waist size. 

This result occurred because people simply said no to the easy way and yes to something that took more effort.
Lately I have had the Stair Effect going on.  Maybe I should call it the elevator effect? I have been saying yes to the easy way and no to the more difficult one. The effects for me have been a quick temper and lack of patience. 
What have I said yes and no to?  Time in the word and prayer.
I have had lots of time studying the word just not much time applying and enjoying it.  My prayer time has also been lacking.  I started making excuses that I was too busy with serving God.  After all I have been preparing a message every week, I tell myself. 

The effects have crept up and today I realized that I had missed what Mary knew to be true.

but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her. Luke 10:42

I am making a commitment today to reignite my prayer and time in God's word.

Father, it seems like we have been down this path so many times.  Thank you for always redirecting me back into your arms. 

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  1. Thanks Jann for sharing. I am sure everyone can relate at least if they are honest. The spirit of the world adds to the pull away from the better way as well. It needs to be confronted with definite spiritual resistance.

    I am thankful to have a prayer partner. The daily connect is a great asset and the agreement is powerful.

    May He send a sweet refreshing in your time with Him.



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