I love talking about life and what I learn along the way. Often I will have my camera out and snap a shot of something that reminds me of God's goodness or my sillyness.  My blog is called Reflect because I believe that everyday we can reflect God's goodness in our laughter and in our pain.  

Life is about finding joy.

 I have a fun loving family.

I have two daughters who live in Southern California. We love going to Angel games and hanging out! My husband and I live in Michigan so we have to travel now to be together with our girls.

I love going to other countries.  I learn so much from the people and cultures that we encounter. In the last 2 years we have had the pleasure of going to Kenya and to Guatemala. 

With each trip I am amazed at everything that God teaches me.  I have been so humbled and received so much from the people that we have met.

Every sunny moment that I get I like to be on my bike! It has become my new addiction! It also provides lots of blog stories!

Everything in my life is possible because of one reason. I am loved by God. My blog always has a moment that takes us back to that very thought. 

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